About The Stornoway Astronomical Society

The SAS was officially formed in September 2010, although it had been running for some time before this.
The SAS now hopes to take advantage of the grants available to astronomical organisations from government/private sources to equip the group with binoculars, telescopes, a book library of astronomical/science topics and ultimately raise enough funds to allow us to build an observatory on the island for the use of all residents and society members.
More comprehensive plans including a science and technology museum/lecture theatre and public planetarium are also possible future enterprises!

About The Islands

The Outer Hebrides, or Western Isles, are situated about 40 miles off the west coast of Scotland in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. The Isle of Lewis, where the society is located, is the largest and most northerly of the island chain. The islands are home to a population of some 25,000 people and main industries are fish farming, crofting and tourism.

These islands have history going back thousands of years and there are collections of Standing Stones, Stone Circles, Brochs and Norsk settlements to be found throughout the islands. The most famous of which are the Standing Stones at Calanais which are estimated to date back some 5000 years.

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